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Konutu ve Modernleşmeyi Metropolden Okumak

In the book written by Architecture Historian Uğur Tanyel, transformation of İstanbul in 20th century, modernity/modernization concepts are questioned in the circle of İstanbul citizens. Tanyeli, in his book, puts forth the hypothesis that the changes the central administration ruling the young Ottoman and early Republican periods tried to impose under the title of modernization was inadequate to understand İstanbul and its citizens. The peculiar modernity İstanbul citizens created within the possible majority of a metropolitan city is being told over from the dwelling architecture and city culture. Tanyeli, emphasizing that the period defined as degeneration/disfigurement of the city is actually the period of diversification and majority-production that is specific to the metropolitan city itself, says ‘This book, in contrary to what is put forth by Turkish history writing habits, tries to prove that the changes, by destroying the traditionally thus creating modernity is produced in metropolitan city by its own people.’. The content and design of Akın Nalça Books, which have been especially created for Akın Nalça Modular Spaces and does not have a characteristic of a series, are shaped independently from one another. The books, designed by Bülent Erkmen bear the characteristics of a new created original objects.