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Akın Nalça Modular Spaces, which is an establishment of space and exhibition design, plans ensuring an intellectual and permanent discussion process in designing principles, so it continues to publish one book each year. The third of Akın Nalça Books, called ‘Sürekli Bir Yenilginin Gölgesinde- Grafik Tasarım Manifestosu’ , which started to be published in 2003, has been offered for sale at the end of December. Consisting of 99 ascertainments about design in the quality of a manifest, based upon the graphic designer and author Faruk Ulay and the relationship he established himself between the wall pictures he took, the book was designed by Bülent Erkmen. The first publication of Akın Nalça Books was called ‘Mimarlıkta Sıfır Noktasını Aramak? Han Tümertekin’in Yapıları – Yaptıkları Üzerinden Mimarlık Okumaları’ by Architect Bülent Tanju, the second was called ‘İstanbul 1900-2000- Konutu ve Moderleşmeyi Metropolden Okumak’ by Prof. Dr. Uğur Tanyel, who is an architecture historian.